Yonkers–A place of growth and heartbreak

Today is my 40th High School reunion for the Class of 1976, Roosevelt High School in Yonkers. It was organized by Jodi Maier Arader, Janet Del Greco, and Debbie Tarowsky. Thanks, girls, for all the effort–I really am looking forward to seeing all the people who come.


Ellen W, an old Yonkers friend

My High School years at Roosevelt were awful because my father got sick and died while I was there, and great because a lot of good people were my friends and  teachers and helped me forget what was happening with my father for 6 hours a day, more with extracurriculars.  Becca Beattie, Lisa Jungherr, Jeff Finkelstein, Teri Sperber, Ellen Warsaw, Naomi Lehr, Larry Candela, Janet Wiener, Mr. Markman, Mr. Porodko, Mrs. Forand, my newspaper teacher, Coach Forand, and lots and lots of others . My guidance counselor, Mr. Colaio. My chemistry teacher and ecology club adviser, Mr. Drew Panko. Even Herb Grossman, a legendary math teacher and leader of the Objectivist club who made fun of me in class because I didn’t catch on to the material, but allowed me to hang around anyway, played a part. Here is a picture of Ellen Warsaw and I.

And there was Tom Carvel, who made good fresh ice cream that was an occasional treat that is still enjoyable, which I indulged in when  Ellen  took me around. You know Yonkers was world headquarters of Carvel, right? Oh, its still good! Even in a kid-sized cone.



Carvel was invented in Yonkers. This cone came from Ardsley, though.

Ellen and I went past a lot of old hangouts. The Grinton Will library, Roosevelt High School, through Sadore Lane (now a co-op) where my friends Janet Weiner  and Ethel Mlanarski lived, past Northeast Jewish Center, where it looked like they had a good minyan going, past Midchester Jewish Center, which is now some sort of church, and down to the Crestwood Lake apartments.


110 Shoreview Drive, Yonkers, NY 10710

Crestwood Lake Apartments, where I used to live in Yonkers

This is me at the doorway of my old apartment building. It has 4 units, all three bedrooms. When I lived there, every apartment had one family. Now, three of the units had multiple names on the mailboxes, which means roommates or multiple families living in one unit.  

Also all the laundry room windows have been replaced with ornamental lattice bricks. I guess the bricks don’t break the way the windows can, but it’s kind of sad that they have to do that.

And the Canadian Geese, which used to use Crestwood Lake for a STOP on their way to summer grounds, have now taken up permanent residence, and prowl what used to be nice lawns. But no lawns can survive Canadian Geese. Feh.Get out of Yonkers, geese!

But it’s still an attractive place. And it’s a lovely spring day today.


Crestwood Lake



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