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Here’s a review  of The Girl on the Wall from the Executive Director of Youth Community Service, a very worthwhile nonprofit that works in the communities of Palo Alto, Redwood City, East Palo Alto, and Woodside. He read my book recently, and asked me to autograph it! The review says:

“Preeva Tramiel’s fascinating memoir, The Girl on the Wall, is a fast-paced, real-life family detective story. Readers of all ages and faith traditions will identify with the author’s journey of discovery to overcome guilt and disappointment to learn new truths about her identity and to learn what it means “to be right on schedule.” Her amazing father, in particular, comes vividly to life, as does the historical period of tragedy and great courage. Thanks to Preeva’s generosity, this very personal story now belongs to all of us.”

– Leif Erickson, executive director, Youth Community Service

Thanks, Leif! Here is how I dedicated his book:

“To Leif and YCS, Good deeds span the generations”

Youth Community Service

The Importance of After School Activities

When I was growing up in Yonkers, having a peer group activity gave me a welcome escape from my claustrophobic family, and allowed me to create myself in a better image than the one I had in my family. As much as the Holocaust and the guilt over not making up for it shadowed my life,  it didn’t matter when I was running a bake sale or writing a play or even hanging around with my friends from summer camp. When I was in junior high school, and even high school, the extracurriculars and peeer group from my summer camp, Habonim Camp Na’aleh, gave me maturity and freedom. Na’aleh‘s still around:



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