Notes to Myself for Next Passover


The Seder is over, and I’m looking at piles and piles of Kosher for Passover food and ingredients that will probably end up as compost.

 What I’d like for Pesach next year is freedom from my compulsive shopping habits.

This is what I need to buy from the Passover aisle to make all my Passover dishes, from matzo balls to apple cake. I am putting it in my blog, dear readers so you can remind  me for next year. Is this crowd sourcing my self control or oversharing?

Anyway, no matter HOW big the Safeway and Mollie Stone’s displays are,  I only need the following for a 20 person Seder:

ONE box of Matzo farfel. JUST ONE. (I bought two)

Two small boxes of matzo meal. (I bought three)

ONE 32 oz. round can of cake meal. ONE (I bought three)

One can of potato starch, and a small one, even though they never seem to have small cans of potato starch. What’s up with that?

Two boxes of matzo and NO gluten free matzo, even though they taste like big Pringles.

I still would buy two boxes of Shmura matzo, because you never know if they are going to be broken or not.

Now, notes for the kosher food I always buy:

A six pound prime rib, not a ten.

The one little filet of Coho salmon, which weighed in at 1.74 lbs was fine. People liked the cumin, cardamon and orange slices topping. And the plank performed well in the oven on top of the grill pan, so ne need to fire up the BBQ.

Make the fruit salad with mangoes, plums and sweet apples, instead of mangoes, plums and melons. Apples are much smaller than melons, so there would be much  less fruit salad.

And maybe it’s time to cut down on the apple cake. ONE 8” pan would have been enough.

ONLY 30 oz. of frozen spinach for the vegetable kugel, NOT 60.

The recipes I use are on my other blog:

What would YOU buy differently on Pesach next year?

Am I oversharing?




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  1. This year for the first time we divided the work between three women.
    This cut the the cost by a third and also the waste. We also added more veggies
    As we have a lot of vegetarians!

    We each made our specialties and cut way back on appetizers which is crazy
    to even have them because iwho needs appetizers when you’re sitting down to a meal that
    can feed 50 people even though there are 20 people at the table! We also agreed that if there
    were any favorites that the kids even if they are all grown up that we would make sure we made
    the special stuff that we know that they love.

    I made:
    Matzah balls
    (Matzah meal oil
    Root veggies and rosemary
    My Haroset
    gefilte horseradish radishes
    Hard boiled eggs
    Sedar plate

    We opted to get the desserts at the amazing
    Kosher bakery. We also had grapes raspberries
    blueberries and blackberries for dessert – I was tempted
    to make my apple cake but decided not to
    because I knew I only had so much energy in my tank.

    Friend 2:
    Matzah meat casserole
    Spinach salad
    Her Haroset
    Brussels sprouts
    Chicken soup
    Chopped liver (from Gelsons)

    Friend 3
    Spicy moroccan fish
    Matboochah (veggie)
    Israeli salad

    Not a lot of waste – but yes a lot of leftovers.

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