A cousin with questions

A Cousin with Questions                        

So I visited

the oldest of my Adler cousins this past week, looking for fellowship and history. He adored my father almost as much as I did, and even though we talked for hours, we could have talked for hours more . One of the highlights was going though his stash of old photos, quite a few of which I had never seen. Here is one that shows my father wearing a uniform of the Russian army. I believe this was taken in Prague in 1945.

Imi, Eva, Micki, and Hirshi Adler, Prague 1945

Imi, Eva, Micki, and Hirshi Adler, Prague 1945

The photo shows ny uncle Imi,aunt Eva, uncle Mickey, and my father.

Our family had always known that my father had gone through the concentration camp with his brother, and escaped from their death march from Jaworzno to who knows where by breaking away from their column of prisoners and hiding where the Nazi bullets couldn’t reach them. But my cousin Howard asked the very sensible question of “how did they end up with the Russian army?

My answer was “they volunteered. “ Being in an army gives you clothes on your back and at least the promise of regular food. My uncle Imi wrote a letter to the Czech army detailing his Army service. More about that in the next blog post.


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