The Living and the Dead–survivor guilt

If you get down to it, the question at the bottom of my book is "What is up with that little girl on the wall?"I'll tell you why it was so important to me, if you haven't guessed already. It was the survivor guilt that dogged me, especially because my father acknowledged but could not explain the death of the girl in the picture above his bed. I've lived a great life, but there was always a dark layer of confusion and self-sabotage that kept me from fulfilling my potential. I showed early … [Read more...]

A cousin with questions

A Cousin with Questions                        So I visitedthe oldest of my Adler cousins this past week, looking for fellowship and history. He adored my father almost as much as I did, and even though we talked for hours, we could have talked for hours more . One of the highlights was going though his stash of old photos, quite a few of which I had never seen. Here is one that shows my father wearing a uniform of the Russian army. I believe this was taken in Prague in 1945.The photo shows ny … [Read more...]

Last chance for color edition (aka what I’ve been up to all these months)

Hello followers--all of you! The past few months have been taken up with publishing a new edition of my book- with a company called AYT press. This book will be different from the previous edition of "The Girl on the Wall in the following ways: This edition adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style, ably edited by some very detailed people in Southern California. This edition will be printed in black and white, so can sell for just under $15. If you want a color edition of my book you have about a … [Read more...]

New Reviews

While I'm composing my next long blog post, I thought I'd share some excerpts of reviews that came in June. I'm very honored that people are saying nice things about my book."I started your book and I'm really enjoying it. Let U know more when I finish it. . . Did you do these chapters as stand-up? The material is both touching and hilarious. Love it. " --S.S., White Plains, New York "Shockingly honest--you really put yourself out there." --L.G., Montclair, New Jersey "Opened the well of memory … [Read more...]

New Discoveries

One of the delights of talking about my book is the number of new discoveries I make from the input of readers. I've already mentioned Lucy Jacobs on this blog. She was born in Munkach in 1928, lived down the street from my father on Korosveg  street, lived near us in Yonkers, and even called him "Hershi Baci (Uncle Hershi) . Last week she left a message for me answering one of the questions I had in the book. "Your father didn't own that house," Lucy said. "He rented it. The landlord was named … [Read more...]

I’ll Be Giving a Book Talk June 15th

I will be giving a talk on my book The Girl On the Wall,  in Palo Alto at Congregation Beth Am on Monday, June 15,  7:30 in the evening. You can see the listing on the calendar of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society here: is the description I wrote for the talk:Liberation From a Shoah Ghost: The Girl On the WallPreeva Adler Tramiel will discuss her memoir and how it led her to genealogy and the history of her father's region of … [Read more...]

Recap of Tuesday Book Talk

Thought I'd give you all a quick recap of Tuesday's book talk. Great. Quick enough? … [Read more...]

Fewer Typos for Upcoming Book Party and Talk

Life gets in the way of book parties sometimes. The May 17th book party was cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances at the host house, but the book party May 19th is still on. To prepare, I ordered some more books, but corrected over 100 typos a friend of mine, a natural born proofreader, found. Most of the mistakes would be invisible to the untrained eye, differences in italics usage and transliteration, but when they were pointed out, I saw them. and put them right for the second … [Read more...]

Conversation With Lucy Jacobs

I'm not the only person who got depressed visiting Munkach.I just got off the phone with Lucy Jacobs, a Holocaust survivor who lived near us in Yonkers, and who lived near my father in Munkach. Although I can't remember what she looks like, she remembers me as a young girl. Apparently she drove my mother and I to the hospital to visit my father.  It's embarrassing when an 86-year old has better memories than you. But anyway. Lucy was in Budapest in 1970, and from Budapest decided she wanted to … [Read more...]

Statement and Self-Description

So you guys who follow my blog--both of you--can help me.I'm submitting my work for consideration for Litquake--the Bay Area literary festival This submission is for their October event. Do you think this is a good statement and self-description for me? I assume some of you have read my book by now. Let me know. Litquake Bio and Statement of Preeva TramielAs a woman in living in Palo Alto, in the prime of a healthy midlife, I can say that life in general … [Read more...]