How to buy the Kindle edition of The Girl On the Wall

It occurs to me that I haven't told you how to buy the book in MONTHS. Of course, I haven't blogged in months, either.I blame the election hoopla. I've been hiding under my pillow, muttering "make it stop make it stop make it stop" for months.So take your mind off the results--buy my book! … [Read more...]

Dollars and Cents of My Self-Publishing Experience

I often get asked "what did it cost you to publish your book?" The answer is, it depends on which edition. Keep in mind that this is only publishing costs, not writing costs, which included travel, a personal editor, and therapy. There are two editions of my book. The first one was published through Bookbaby, at a cost of just under $5000 for 150 copies. The inside of the 180-page book was color, because of about 40 photographs I had in it. I sold it for $20, and got back almost $3000 of the … [Read more...]

How Jews Remember the Holocaust–from My Jewish Learning

Yom Hashoah: Holocaust Memorial Day This annual venue for remembering the victims falls on April 24.   The full name of the day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust is “Yom Hashoah Ve-Hagevurah“– literally the “Day of (Remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism.” It is marked on the 27th day in the month of Nisan — a week after the seventh day of Passover, and a week before Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers). When the 27th of Nisan falls on a Friday or … [Read more...]

I’ll be Giving a Talk in May

It is an honor and a thrill to be a part of the local authors series put on by the Sequoia chapter of Hadassah. The talk will be on May 18th at 7:30 pm.  That is a Thursday night. The talk will be given at Congregation Kol Emeth. If you are near Palo Alto, I would love to see you. … [Read more...]

Rain Poem Mystery Solved–kinda

Shomernet--thank you Ayala Jonas, and Google helped me to find a full version of my mother's poem!Just tried another spelling  and found, And here it is: Solo 1: De rain been a-rainin’ for a week an’ mo’; It splarshin’ in de gutter, it sousin’ at de do’;It mumble at de winder, it bumble on de eaves, It make long steppin’s in de honey-shuck leaves. All: We cyan’t work ‘taters, and we cyan’t thin corn; Dar’s gwine to be a famine, jes’ as sure as … [Read more...]

Memory and a Mysterious Poem for Mother’s Day

A Memory of my mother leads to a mysterious poem--help welcomed!This was my mother in her mid 20s, She was born November 1, 1923, and at her 70th birthday party, my aunt Pauline announced that my mother, Charlotte Kaufman, was the first girl child born in the Bronx on that day. Maybe the only girl child born in the Bronx on that day. The Bronx was much less crowded in the '20s, when my mother was born. It was a blessed place to escape from the Lower East Side and the Garment district, full of … [Read more...]

A very flattering reader review

New ReviewHere's a review  of The Girl on the Wall from the Executive Director of Youth Community Service, a very worthwhile nonprofit that works in the communities of Palo Alto, Redwood City, East Palo Alto, and Woodside. He read my book recently, and asked me to autograph it! The review says:"Preeva Tramiel's fascinating memoir, The Girl on the Wall, is a fast-paced, real-life family detective story. Readers of all ages and faith traditions will identify with the author's journey of discovery … [Read more...]

Notes to Myself for Next Passover

NOTES FOR NEXT PASSOVER       The Seder is over, and I’m looking at piles and piles of Kosher for Passover food and ingredients that will probably end up as compost. What I’d like for Pesach next year is freedom from my compulsive shopping habits.This is what I need to buy from the Passover aisle to make all my Passover dishes, from matzo balls to apple cake. I am putting it in my blog, dear readers so you can remind  me for next year. Is this crowd sourcing my self control or … [Read more...]

Yonkers–A place of growth and heartbreak

Today is my 40th High School reunion for the Class of 1976, Roosevelt High School in Yonkers. It was organized by Jodi Maier Arader, Janet Del Greco, and Debbie Tarowsky. Thanks, girls, for all the effort--I really am looking forward to seeing all the people who come.My High School years at Roosevelt were awful because my father got sick and died while I was there, and great because a lot of good people were my friends and  teachers and helped me forget what was happening with my father for 6 … [Read more...]

The Odd workings of my memory

The project you see in the pictureon the left  happened because  my unconscious memory does not forget. Let me explain.I started cutting fabric to make a 'flying geese' pattern block for a quilt for a veteran. I've been making quilts for the VA for a few years now, depending on the Jewish Chaplains to give them to whomever needs them.But when I started quilting back in 2000,I had a very special project in mind.  In the '80s and '90s, I had saved many of my husband's old work trousers from his … [Read more...]